All those who love ballet.
We want to color it with a VIDA costume.

VIDA is a leotard and ballet product manufacturer in business for 26 years.
We propose easy to move and beautifully expressive leotards to ballet lovers and professionals both at home and abroad.

Vida started as a swimwear manufacturer in 1995 and entered the ballet world in 1999.Since then, we have been striving to improve our leotards so that ballet overs and professionals can move easily and express beautifully.
Our leotards are six sizes available in JIS standard and EN standard. They can be used not only Japanese but also by overseas ballerinas.
VIDA’s leotards support performance of ballet lovers and ballet dancers around the world.

Features of VIDA’s Leotards

For much easier movement and more beautiful expression,
VIDA’s leotards are improving every day and seeking evolution.

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    for Professional 1

    Fascinating Back Design

    Make your back more beautiful, and improved easier to move your back.

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    for Professional 2

    High Leg Cut

    Slightly deeper-cut leg openings for easier movement.

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    for Professional 3

    Available in 6 sizes

    In addition to S, M, and L, TS (Slim M), TM (Slim L), (TTM) Slime, and Slim XL are available.

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    Sweat-absorbing and quick-drying

    Sweat-absorbing and quick-drying

    As it quickly absorbs and diffuses sweat, it is not sticky and is comfortable to wear. This reduces the feeling of coldness.

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    UV protection

    UV protection UPFF50+

    Your beautiful skin is protected from UV ray.

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    Cup plug-in type

    Cup plug-in type

    Attached mesh rubber can hold your breast gently and stably.

Editor's Voice

Dance magazine "DANZA & DANZA magazine"
We received a comment from the editor.

Vida Japan's products have high quality fabrics and nice designs,
appealing dancers of different level who want to feel comfortable but also fashion during classes or rehearsal.
Leotards collections offer great possibility of choice and customization.
A good brand for anyone who wants to stand out Ms. S. P.

Online Store

VIDA online store provides VIDA’s products that have been improved so that professionals can move easily and express more beautifully.

VIDA Online store