VIDA is one of the leading manufacturers of Leotard and Swimming wear in Tokyo,
Japan, having a business with twenty-six years of experiences.
VIDA will move the company forward to achieve more lofty goals in the future.


About the fabric used for VIDA products

Comfort is most important.

Professional dancers care for comfortability the most. It is non-sticky when sweating and always refreshing. We are trying to keep our product comfortable by using gentle fabric

  • Use sweat-absorbent and quick-drying woven Japanese fabric.
  • UV-ray protection (UPF50+, 99.7% UV-cut), Room lights also contain UV-ray. Both were inspected by KAKEN TEST CENTER General Incorporated Foundation.

Production System in VIDA

Pattern creation and grading are conducted by veteran patterners.

Master patterns are created and graded by veteran patterners. Even if a pattern and fabric are different, we strive to create a pattern that does not change comfortability as much as possible.

  • Production System
  • Production System

Sales Structure in VIDA

Export procedure to EPA target countries are supported.

We have opened overseas sales bases in Beijing, Shanghai, Bangkok, Italy, and Australia, and are expanding to other countries around the world.

  • We handle export procedure to EPA target countries.
  • Support export to EPA target countries.
  • We have opened sales bases in China, Thailand, Italy, and Australia.
Sales Structure

Exhibition at oversea exhibitions

Exhibited at DIF (Danza in Fiera) every year since 2016

The world's largest dance-related event held every year at the end of February in Florence, Italy.By connecting with a wide range of overseas dancers (dancers, publishers, producers, etc.), not only has the sales network increased, but also it has become possible to quickly provide domestic customers with seasonal overseas ballet information.

  • Danza in Fiera1

    First exhibition in DIF (Danza in Fiera) in 2016

  • Danza in Fiera2

    Exhibitor Pass in DIF (Danza in Fiera) in 2016

  • Danza in Fiera3

    Exhibition booth in DIF (Danza in Fiera) in 2017

  • Danza in Fiera4

    Exhibition booth in DIF (Danza in Fiera) in 2018

  • Danza in Fiera4

    Entrance of DIF (Danza in Fiera) in 2018

  • Danza in Fiera3

    Exhibition booth in DIF (Danza in Fiera) in 2019